Workforce Mapping

In 2014, CILIP and the Archives Records Association (UK & Ireland) (ARA) commissioned Edinburgh Napier University to undertake major research to map the workforce across the Library, Archives, Records, Information and Knowledge Management Services and related professions in the United Kingdom.

Mapping the workforce

Library, Archive, Records, Information and Knowledge professionals are developing new roles in business, industry, government, and the third sector. There are an estimated 270,000 people in the UK working in these sectors but there is no accurate picture of the workforce overall and little information on demographics.

This research has helped CILIP and ARA to better understand the sector so that we can monitor trends in the workforce, advocate on behalf of the sector, develop relevant and robust policies, and to develop better and targeted services.

This work was previously undertaken by Lifelong Learning UK (the Sector Skills Council disbanded in 2010) and the Learning and Skills Improvement Service (LSIS). The survey had the support of the UK Commission for Employment and Skills as it filled the gap following the closure of LSIS; providing essential data which will support workforce development.

Key Findings

CILIP and ARA launched the key findings from the report on the 24th November. The Executive Summary, which documents these findings, is freely available to anyone interested in the results.


A range of factsheets have been published which provide key statistics about the demography of the workforce in Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, English regions, and the key sectors where library, archive, records, information and knowledge workers are located. The PDFs can be download using the links below.

Accessing the full report and findings

CILIP and ARA are currently developing a portal which will enable those interested to access the full report. If you would like to register your interest in accessing this when it becomes available, please use the link below.