Credit rating for Professional Registration

Professional Registration earns you credit points which can be transferred into other academic and vocational qualifications. You don’t have to do extra work, just complete Professional Registration at your chosen level and you're eligible to negotiate the use of the credit for further study.

How much credit is awarded?

The amount of credit you are awarded depends on the level of Professional Registration you complete:

  • Certification (ACLIP) has been credit rated by the Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA) meaning certificated members can claim up to 20 Level 8 credit points.
  • Chartership (MCLIP) has been credit rated by the Open University Credit Rating service at 30 general credit points.
  • Fellowship (FCLIP) has been credit rated by the Open University Credit Rating service at 75 general credit points.

(Please note that this agreement does not cover Chartership and Fellowship awarded between 1986 and 1990).