The value of Professional Registration

Professional Registration is an excellent way to increase your professional standing and show your colleagues, employer and potential future employers that you are a skilled and reflective LIS practitioner.

So what is the benefit for me?

By working towards and acquiring a level of Professional Registration, you will be demonstrating dedication and a commitment to your personal development and the LIS profession overall.

By undertaking Professional Registration you will:

  • prove your ability to apply your knowledge and skills in the workplace, demonstrate your skills and knowledge through learning and reflective practice.
  • demonstrate to your employer and colleagues that you are committed to working in information services and are investing in your own development.
  • gain the professional recognition that your knowledge and experience is up-to-date and relevant. This is especially useful if you gained your academic qualification some time ago.
  • enhance your career opportunities: employers value Professional Registration and can use it as a method of confirming whether prospective employees are reflective practitioners and have a wide knowledge of the LIS profession.
  • have your professional details added to CILIP's online Register of Practitioners. As a CILIP member, you will then be able to use the CILIP post-nominals.