Getting started

Ready to get started? Here is more information, including fees. Then make your way over to the CILIP VLE to enrol and start putting your portfolio together.

All the information that you need to begin your journey towards Certification, Chartership or Fellowship can be found in the dedicated sections within the Professional Registration area of the CILIP VLE.

Once in the system you need to enrol for the level of your choice and make arrangements to pay the enrolment fee. You can find a list of the current charges in the document at the base of this page.

Contact CILIP Member Services if you have any questions about Professional Registration:

Support for candidates

As well as support from your mentor, your local CILIP Regional Member Network has a dedicated Candidate Support Officer (CSO) who will help you through the Professional Registration process.

Your regional CSO runs Portfolio Building workshops that can be invaluable in helping you put together your submission. These are usually run twice a year and feature guidance on understanding the CILIP PKSB, writing reflectively and understanding the assessment criteria.

You can find out who your local CSO is by logging into the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and looking at the dedicated sections for Certification, Chartership and Fellowship in the Professional Registration area .

Alternatively contact CILIP Member Services for more information:

Guide to logging onto the VLE