What level is right for you?

There are three levels of professional registration, so whichever stage you are at in your career, there is a level of Professional Registration that directly correlates with your experience and your knowledge.


Certification is aimed at those who are at the beginning of their professional career or who want to gain some recognition for the knowledge and skills they have developed working in a library, information or knowledge role. Certification has been credit rated as SCQF level 7.


Chartership is the level of Professional Registration for those working in the information professions who wish to be recognised for their skills, knowledge, and application of these in the form of reflective practice. Chartership has been credit rated as SCQF level 9.

You do need to be working in role that consists of some professional responsibilities although you do not need to hold a specific academic qualification in order to work towards Chartership. 


Fellowship is the highest level of Professional Registration and if you’re a Chartered member, hold a senior position in your organisation, or have made a significant contribution to the Information Professions, it is appropriate for you. 

Fellowship is a great way to evaluate the impact you have had on your organisation and the wider profession. Fellowship has been credit rated as SCQF level 11.

The process

Whether you decide to apply for Certfication, Chartership or Fellowship, the process for achieving all three levels is identical, though obviously working towards differing assessment criteria.

All candidates complete CPD learning activities that reflect on how they have developed their:

  • Personal performance
  • Organisational performance
  • Knowledge of the wider LIS profession

All these activities are then entered in a 1000 word reflective statement that addresses these three assessment criteria. Supporting evidence is required to support the reflective statement.

All applications are created and submitted electronically. For further information, see the handbooks for all three levels of professional registration below.