CILIP Conference 2016

Our research section holds current and recent past work in our core areas of interest – public libraries, copyright, information literacy, higher education and research.

Other sectors represented here include are further education, prison, health and social careschool libraries and the knowledge and information sector.

You will also find statistics for the sector, CILIP commissioned research including our Workforce Mapping research exercise and more general policy material such as consultation responses, and briefings across a range of fields in the library and information sector.

This research section is the first phase in a programme to develop an evidence base to support CILIP’s advocacy based activities. In the second phase (2018-20) we will create a sector-wide research / evidence based portal for the sector to support not only advocacy but also good practice and blue sky thinking.

  • Projects and reviews

    Our projects and reviews are delivering a programme of major and fundamental change. They contribute to making sure that CILIP appeals to the breadth of the information professions, is well governed and provides relevant and high quality benefits to members and key stakeholders.

  • Workforce mapping

    In 2014, CILIP and the Archives Records Association (UK & Ireland) (ARA) commissioned Edinburgh Napier University to undertake major research to map the workforce across the Library, Archives, Records, Information and Knowledge Management Services and related professions in the United Kingdom.

  • Sectors

    CILIP works to put information and library skills and professional values at the heart of a democratic, equal and prosperous society. Our policy work to support this objective is evident across the various sectors which taken together make up the larger knowledge, library and information sector.

  • Topics

    Some of our policy work relates to issues which are not sector specific or relate to issues which are important to more than one sector.

  • Resources

  • Scoping the vision of a robust and reliable evidence base for the information profession

    Research to Support the Development of a Sector-wide research Portal/Evidence-base report provides scope and vision for a project to develop a sector-wide evidence base or research portal for the information profession.