• Policy audit

    This Policy audit lists all the documents produced with a professional policy focus. It covers the last three years especially, although in the case of policy statements it goes back further – the statement on intellectual freedom, access to information and censorship (2005) and the definition of information literacy (2004) continue to be the most cited and used of CILIP statements.

  • Commissioned research

    CILIP on occasion commissions research, surveys or other pieces of work to develop our evidence base for policy and advocacy. 


  • Policy alerts

    The Policy Alert is published quarterly and focuses on whats new in nine of CILIP's core areas: Copyright, Higher education, Information management, Literacies, Public libraries, Research, Future trends and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Other topics are also included to coincide with CILIP campaigns and inquiries. Currently these topics are: Freedom of access to information and privacy, Further education, Health and Social care and Schools.

  • Reading outcomes framework toolkit

    This toolkit was developed by The Reading Agency and OPM in partnership with a number of organisations including CILIP, and can be used to help evaluate activities that encourage reading for pleasure and empowerment. The toolkit also shows how to demonstrate the impact of reading activities and provides some useful evidence of the improved outcomes for people who read for pleasure.

  • Value of trained information professionals

    Library, Information and Knowledge professionals make a significant contribution to the overall aims of the organisations that they serve. And yet, their skill set is often over-looked and this contribution is under-valued.

    In 2015, CILIP commissioned the University of Salford to undertake a piece of research to identify what evidence exists to support the employment of trained and professionally registered library, information and knowledge professionals.