Policy alerts

The Policy Alert is published quarterly and focuses on whats new in nine of CILIP's core areas: Copyright, Higher education, Information management, Literacies, Public libraries, Research, Future trends and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Other topics are also included to coincide with CILIP campaigns and inquiries. Currently these topics are: Freedom of access to information and privacy, Further education, Health and Social care and Schools.

The purpose of the Policy Alert is to:

  • HIghlight new evidence in CILIP's policy priority areas to help support advocacy and policy development
  • Highlight the future landscape within existing priority areas and possible new areas for development

Items are arranged by the type of evidence so the General Headings are:

  • Strategic documents
  • Best practice/ guidelines
  • Statistical releases/ surveys
  • Case studies
  • Literature/ Evidence reviews
  • General research

Within these General Headings items are arranged under the subject or topic which is highlighted in the left hand column. The Harvard referencing system is used for all entries. Coverage is mainly UK but could include references to international publications.

We are currently developing this product. Our aim is to publish information about new reports, surveys and documents which add to our own evidence base and which will also be of interest and use to the wider knowledge, library and information sector.